March 20, 2017

Legal Team

The staff of attorneys at The Kurland Group is dedicated to serving the profession well and, like their clients, represent a wide swath of the American fabric.

Yetta Kurland is the firm’s Senior Partner and, when not in court, she is an active political figure, legal columnist, community activist, and radio show host.

A former Edward V. Sparer Public Interest Fellow, Erica Kagan brings a finely tuned ear to the individual needs of her clients.

Katie Cullum, the newest member of The Kurland Group’s legal team, contributes a wealth of knowledge and experience in her representation of underrepresented communities.

A seasoned tax attorney, Lew Taishoff is also a decorated veteran who proudly represents clients with the same honor that afforded him an Army Commendation Medal.

These are just snippets of the experience and skill that the team at The Kurland Group will bring to you as a client. To find out more about them, just click on their name, or give The Kurland Group a call.